Turkish Cafe Pera

by Steven Doyle

I stopped into Pera for the luncheon special. Pera is a Turkish restaurant located on Preston Road in Far North Dallas and is the sister restaurant to Istanbul Grill in Arlington owned by Sam Sensel and his brother Habbib. The brothers are from a coastal city in Turkey where they enjoyed a fantastic Mediterranean view and will speak of it fondly by the mere mention.   

Sam also owned a very tiny dozen-seat restaurant in New York, but enjoys the DFW area much more.

The menu is fresh and affordable, making Pera a fantastic destination even for those not from the immediate area. The dinner menu boasts such items as grilled quail, branzino (think Mediterranean Sea Bass), kebabs and many lamb dishes. You will also find hand rolled dolmas and other expected treasures.

For lunch the menu is toned down quite a bit, but the family offers a special $9.99 deal that is very satisfying. The two-course business lunch offers many appetizers included in the special such as a creamy lentil soup, hummus, cacik or saksusa. All appetizers are full-sized and can be filling on their own.

For the second course select one of several kebobs, doner or the signature Adana which is a rather long log of lamb and medium heated spices on a plate of rice and salad. All courses are served with a house-baked bread dusted with sesame seeds for an added punch of flavor.

Evenings at Pera can get rather busy with the local Turkish crowd shuffling en masse. Find a table at this charming new restaurant and enjoy the flavorful dishes this family has to offer.

Pera | 17479 Preston Road, Dallas | 972-267-4444

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