Carnival Barkers Makes a Fine Chili Dog

DSC08870by Steven Doyle

Last week we discussed the finer ice creameries in the DFW area which caused a bit of thunder. It would seem you are all very passionate about your frozen confections. In a follow up  visit I checked in at Carnival Barkers new Oak Cliff location which actually proved to be more than I expected.

As we had mentioned, Carnival Barkers sells more than just ice cream. Sure they have quirky ice cream sandwiches and the like, but they also make a mean bowl of chili. Not any ordinary chili, but a true bowl of red with chunky and savory beef chunks that will leave you begging for more. You may order the chili in several forms. A plain bowl with whatever accouterments you might desire such as sour cream, cheese and onions. Or take them up on a offer of making you the perfect Frito Pie. Or best yet, the chili dog. 

Carnival Barkers uses a great hot dog with a bit of snap, a poppy seed bun, and all the added toppings you might want. I went with chili, cheese and onion. Not sure I would want much more than that as the chili is chunky, as mentioned, and can make this a very large bite.

After ordering the hot dog, I chowed it down in mere seconds and thought about ordering yet another. But the one made more than a meal and I was quite happy.

Today looks like a great day for a chili dog, doesn’t it? This is only available at the Oak Cliff location – 345 Jefferson.

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