Daiquiris to Go Now Open on Greenville Avenue

daiq1by Steven Doyle

For a taste of New Orleans Daiquiris to Go has been a mainstay in Dallas for quite a few years with its location on Riverfront. A new location opened today so now you may sip all the cool flavors with naughty names such as  Menage a Trois and Pink Panties.  There is something also naughty about taking a drink on the road that possibly attracts us to these places, whereas in NOLA it is very commonplace.  

Now go get your very own Attitude Adjuster by the gallon or as a Jello shot. We will be slipping in very soon to savor all 32 flavors with a full report should we remember anything. Bring cash. Located at 3607 Greenville across from the Granada Theater.



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