Shelby Hall Delays Opening

lisa garzaby Steven Doyle

It was just a few short weeks ago I had a by-chance cocktail with Lisa Garza-Selcer and discussed in brief about her soon-to-open restaurant Shelby Hall. You know Lisa from her Henderson Avenue restaurant Sissy’s which serves up some very fine fried chicken and biscuits.

We received notice today that Shelby Hall will be a bit delayed. Probably best we allow Lisa to detail the delay herself:  

“I have parted ways with HRI Properties, the developer behind the revitalization of downtown’s LTV Tower. The building was intended to house my forthcoming restaurant, Shelby Hall. Due to differences that could not be reconciled, the partnership dissolution is being handled by my legal team. We hope to resolve all issues in a timely and professional manner.

In the meantime, I’m actively looking for a new space for the concept. I’m passionate about bringing Mississippi Delta cuisine to Dallas and have poured my heart and soul into creating an authentic experience. I look forward to opening Shelby Hall in a new location in 2016.”

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