India Palace Enjoys an Upgrade of Decor and Flavors

lamb1by Steven Doyle

Serving Dallas since 1985, India Palace has been a mainstay for freshly prepared Indian cuisine. The dishes offered at India Palace are a combination of subtle tastes with flavors as varied as India’s climate and as exotic as India’s people. Fragrant, zesty, and warm spices India are delicately blended. Fresh and natural ingredients are used and the menu includes many gluten-free and vegan selections.

The restaurant has recently undergone a spiffy upgrade in decor as well as the menu. On our most recent visit we enjoyed the freshly updated dining which is as bright as some of the new offerings. We tackled a good portion of the menu including a variety of kabobs and a sampling of flavored naans which included the Palace Naan infused with raisins and nuts, an eye opening Habanero Naan stuffed with onions and spices, and Keema which has lamb. We absolutely loved the variety of Parathas, a buttery whole wheat bread.  

IMG_8825Lamb  Samosa

IMG_8831Naan Assortment

Particularly enticing was the lamb samosa which is a fried dumpling stuffed with spiced ground lamb and served with a variety of sauces. This can also be found on the assorted appetiser plate which offers many of the starters for a nice variety for beginners.

There are still many of the familiar dishes such as Lamb Shahi Korma, Chicken Vindaloo and Bombay Prawn Curry, but you may also find a host of offerings for those a tad squeamish for the traditional Indian fare such as Leg of Lamb braised with onions and mushrooms, or the Lamb Chops simmered in tomatoes and onions. The flavors are definitely exciting even for the novice diner.

IMG_8842-1Kebab  Assortment

IMG_8849Curried Mussels

palek paneerPalek Paneer

IMG_8845Chicken Biryani

Vegans and Vegetarians both will enjoy the menu which now offers even more items to suit their dietary needs such as the classic Palek Paneer (vegetarian spinach dish) or the Navratten Korma which features an assortment of vegetables in a creamy almond sauce which is excellent for vegans. Ask your waiter about these options as well as gluten-free items.

We highly recommend the luncheon buffet which is well attended and kept fresh. This allows the casual diner to sample a large variety of dishes and to discover their favorites. The buffet is now segregated into meat and vegetable on different service tables so there is no cross over to offend.

indian palace

Look for a full service bar with interesting cocktails made with Indian rum and gin, plus there are more than several Indian beers to choose from.

India Palace is located at 12817 Preston Road and is open daily including holidays.


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