Lakewood Smokehouse Brings Great BBQ to East Dallas


Lakewood Smokehouse opened this month at 1901 Abrams Rd, Dallas in the space recently left vacant by Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill.  Bringing Lakewood this new BBQ concept are Partners-Owner Operators, Jason Hall (who owns 3 Stacks Smoke & Tap House in Frisco), John Pantenburg, and Mike Mullen who have been friends and co-workers in the restaurant industry for 20 years.

Lakewood Smokehouse serves classic BBQ such as brisket, smoked turkey and sausages with an array of sides like macaroni and cheese, fried okra, green beans and potato salad. Patrons to Lakewood Smokehouse can expect the same quality and delicious BBQ that has made 3 Stacks a household name in Frisco, with a few exciting additions. Unlike the casual line-service most BBQ establishments employ, Lakewood Smokehouse is a full-service restaurant. 




“We are thrilled to bring the Lakewood community a modern twist on the classic barbecue dining experience,” said owner Jason Hall. “Our team was drawn to the sense of community that makes Lakewood special and we can’t wait become a part of the fabric of the neighborhood.” Lakewood Smokehouse uses local purveyors from bread to produce; such as Rudolph’s Market for their sausages and Empire Bakery for breads. Guests enjoy an amazing bar offering a happy hour – with 20 local Texas breweries on tap – that will draw the locals in for the sporting event of the day or to enjoy an IPA with friends.

Seasonal specials will keep diners happy with unique offerings in addition to the regular menu.


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3 responses to “Lakewood Smokehouse Brings Great BBQ to East Dallas

  1. PAR

    Went Feb 11/16 @ 4:00 pm. No signature baby back ribs available until 5:30 pm…. Strange for signature dish. Tried “wet” brisket – was dry and overcooked. Pulled pork tacos – dried and overcooked with less pulled and more large chunks not to mention cold. Sausage and brisket no presentation just dumped on plate. Sausage not sliced (rolls around while you try to pin it down to cut). Brisket large block of meat requires patron to cut it. Sides and bread unremarkable. Overall a very disappointing venture with hopes of a great BBQ place. Just another overall miss on all counts. Left without eating most of the ordered offerings. Owners back in corner conversing amongst themselves never floating to the customers, staff huddled around hostess desk with some openly on cell phones. Oh and last disappointment …. no frozen margaritas a Dallas gold standard for patrons. Happy hour might get you through the meal but is not the attraction we hoped for. Hopefully it improves but that will take the overall involvement of ownership, management and staff.

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  3. gabe

    The ribs were terrific at Lakewood Smokehouse, and wonderful burnt ends, fresh fries cut from scratch.

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