Monkey King Noodle Company For A Quick Noodle Fix

DSC00171by Steven Doyle

We checked out the Monkey King Noodle Company this week. Twice. The noodles are so soothing and delicious, and the fun part is you can watch them being hand stretched from the comfort of the sidewalk just off the Main Street location in Deep Ellum.

Serving up freshly pulled noodles masterfully prepared by Andrew Chen the Noodle Master is an inviting all day and all night spot that offers up a limited menu of beef or chicken noodle soup, plus a few dumplings such as our favorite xiao long bao (the fabled and revered soup dumpling).   



The soup is exquisitely spicy, with a strong, rich broth and chewy noodles that are worthy of slurping. We tried the beef and it was filled with plenty of noodles, and more beef than should be allowed at one sitting. The meat was slow cooked roast beef style, and very tender.

Since opening just a few short years ago, the soup dumplings have been perfected. So the once thick-skinned buggers they were soon after the opening, have now slimmed down and the brothy goodness inside are much more soothing and delicious. Enjoy dashboard dumplings and the king will smile upon you.




The prices are very much on the cheap and the soup dumplings are $8, so there is no reason not to enjoy a bit of the monkey this weekend.

Monkey King Noodle Co | 3014 Main Street, Deep Ellum, Dallas | 469.206.3658


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  2. Looks delicious, been meaning to try it myself next time I am in that area. Perhaps this year is the year to check it out – the year of the monkey :). Looks like it has a separate takeout counter – how convenient!

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