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Off the Cuff Opening in Deep Ellum


Off The Cuff, a new neighborhood bar coming to Deep Ellum is scheduled to open its doors in March. Dallas restaurant veterans Alex Hines and Tan Mai have a simple goal for their new bar concept – an upbeat environment where everyone feels comfortable and welcome. With an emphasis on a neighborhood feel, this isn’t your typical bar – Off The Cuff will be customer-oriented and adaptable, tailoring itself to what each customer wants, in an atmosphere that is vibrant and engaging.

The phrase “off the cuff” originated in the United States during the Great Depression Era, meaning spontaneous or without prior preparation – and that’s exactly what you’ll find here- a neighborhood bar as eclectic as the neighborhood it’s joining. “Our goal is to create a comfortable and energetic environment for everyone and really emphasize the word “service” in customer service,” said Off The Cuff co-owner Tan Mai. Continue reading

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Monkey King Noodle Company For A Quick Noodle Fix

DSC00171by Steven Doyle

We checked out the Monkey King Noodle Company this week. Twice. The noodles are so soothing and delicious, and the fun part is you can watch them being hand stretched from the comfort of the sidewalk just off the Main Street location in Deep Ellum.

Serving up freshly pulled noodles masterfully prepared by Andrew Chen the Noodle Master is an inviting all day and all night spot that offers up a limited menu of beef or chicken noodle soup, plus a few dumplings such as our favorite xiao long bao (the fabled and revered soup dumpling).    Continue reading


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Here Is Our Restaurant Advice For This Weekend

DSC00730by Steven Doyle

You want to eat at all the hottest places in Dallas this weekend, well I have a few stand up choices. With all the new openings we all love to try and hit the new ones before going back to our old reliables. If you are like me you love to add new spots to the rotation of restaurants. I will admit to one major obsession, and for those that know me even in the slightest will guess that obsession has been Shell Shack on McKinney Avenue. Shell Shack has served me well nearly twenty times since opening less than two months ago. One really good reason is because their kitchen is open until 1am, except Sunday where they close at 10pm. Should you drop by there, ask for what I usually get, which is a pound of Dungeness doctored up with a spicy concoction they call ‘the kitchen sink’. There are different spice levels, and I typically go hot instead of the very hottest which is called diablo. You can add potatoes, corn and even a tasty sausage.

I have actually written very little about Shell Shack, unless you happen to follow me on Facebook where I beat down my friends weekly with enticing photos of crab. The whole affair can get quite messy, but they have hand washing machines on the ready.   Continue reading

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Tanoshii Ramen + Bar Opens For Lunch Dec 10, 2013

tanoshii1by Steven Doyle

Dallas has joined the ramen craze by storm. In the past weeks we have noticed more shops either opening or announcing that they will open. This is a good thing. One of our favorite ramen restaurants in Deep Ellum is Tanoshii Ramen + Bar. You may recall this as our first encounter, and was elated with the visit. One of our favorite items was the appetizer-sized banh xeo. Banh Xeo is a sizzling crepe made from rice batter and stuffed with pork, shrimp and veggies. The name banh xeo means ‘sizzling cake’ from the sound it makes as it is being grilled.  I could eat a barrel of these at one sitting.     Continue reading

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Experience The Ramen Revolution At Tanoshii

Tanoshii Ramen + Bar CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-5034by Steven Doyle

Tanoshii Ramen + Bar opened its doors this past September with huge crowds beating down its doors to slurp up homemade noodles. The ramen revolution that Dallas had been waiting for had arrived. Since opening, the crowds have not tempered if last night’s dinner service is any indication. Even later in the evening when most restaurants in Dallas start to sweep the floors, more orders for the variety of soups were being carried out by the Tanoshii staff.

In the kitchen last evening I spotted a new addition to Tanoshii, chef Roger Wang. I first met Wang one afternoon at Charlie Palmer’s where he was busily making fresh pasta under the Scott Romano regime. Later Wang was at the helm of Nick and Sam’s Grill in Uptown when Romano moved in as corporate chef. Wang is talented and has elevated the ramen at Tanoshii since his recent hire. Wang is working as a consultant.  Continue reading


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Deep Ellum’s Monkey King Expands Hours

monkey kingby Steven Doyle

For those following the noodles phenomenon, Monkey King Noodle Company is now staying open late. Until now, the awesome Deep Ellum noodlery opened for lunch and stayed open until they sold out. Today they send word that they have expanded their hours and will be open for dinner from 6 to 10pm.

This will give you a chance to try out a few new menu items such as their dandan noodles made with a savory pork sauce, fresh noodles and a bit of chicken broth. This is a spicy variation on ma jiang mian. Also, vegetarians now may order the new veggie dumplings.

The weather is perfect for a bowl of these bargain priced noodles.

Monkey King Noodle Co | 3014 Main Street, Deep Ellum, Dallas | 469.206.3658

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