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Monkey King Noodle Company For A Quick Noodle Fix

DSC00171by Steven Doyle

We checked out the Monkey King Noodle Company this week. Twice. The noodles are so soothing and delicious, and the fun part is you can watch them being hand stretched from the comfort of the sidewalk just off the Main Street location in Deep Ellum.

Serving up freshly pulled noodles masterfully prepared by Andrew Chen the Noodle Master is an inviting all day and all night spot that offers up a limited menu of beef or chicken noodle soup, plus a few dumplings such as our favorite xiao long bao (the fabled and revered soup dumpling).    Continue reading


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Battle Of The Dallas Soup Dumpling

xlb1by Steven Doyle

For reasons unknown I go ballistic over soup dumplings about this time of year. There is no xiao long bao season that I am aware of, but perhaps this is typically the hottest time of year and I want to settle in for some lighter bites. Or perhaps I get my fill of the juicy dumpling then wait it out for a year before devouring thousands of them once again. Regardless of the reason, I have been on a self-inflicted soup dumpling tear.

Before we get started, I realize that Dallas is not the Mecca of the little dumpling. I have found better bliss in New York, Canada and of course, China. But this is where we live and I set out to find the very best in our own backyard.    Continue reading


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A Hot Bowl of Soup at Chef Hsu

by Steven Doyle

It’s cool and misty out and this weather almost always screams for soup to fend off the chill. I made a bodacious tank of home-made chicken noodle soup this week that will last me through the winter, but what really makes the cut this time of year is something spicy. And preferably with hand stretched noodles. There are a few great options in the area including the Beef Stew Noodle Soup at King’s Noodles, which is fantastic year round.

Another fantastic choice, also off the beaten path, is Chef Hsu located south of Royal Lane on Harry Hines just on the cusp of K Town.

Giving Chef Hsu a good study you might be disarmed by the giant Chinese buffet in the large front room. Dismiss this area regardless the time of day and insist on the smallish room to the left that is swarmed by mostly Korean-Americans. This is where you find the real menu.    Continue reading

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