Blue Sushi Sake Grill Scores Well in Dallas and Fort Worth

blueby Steven Doyle

Dallas may not be known as the sushi capitol of the world, but be there no doubt we love the stuff. Seriously, we enjoy sushi and there are growing options. One of those new options includes a growing chain of restaurants, Blue Sushi Sake Grill located in the Preston Hollow complex on Walnut Hill and Central Expressway.  As many may note we do not typically entertain chains and prefer local options due to the lack of quality control among a few other notions, but Blue Sushi Sake Grill  tears down this wall by hiring well and insisting on the freshest ingredients.  



The menu, both hot from the grill, and cold from the sushi bar, is incredibly affordable compared to some other options you might find around the city. Go to happy hour when nigiri and sashimi is a mere 4.50, and maki charts at 5.50. There is also a slew of hot grilled items starting at 3.50. Bargains on drinks are abound also. Happy hour food specials are available dine-in only Monday-Saturday 3-6:30 p.m., and reverses Friday and Saturday 10:30 p.m.-midnight, then Sunday noon-10 p.m.

A few of our favorites include the Itchy Seabass (some items have funny names with interesting history). This specialty nigiri is made of baked seabass, spicy crab, serrano, cilantro and a ponzu. Bargain priced at 8.00, but 4.50 at happy hour.  Also the Blue Balls (told ya they like to have fun) is a deliciously tempura fried spicy crab roll that is sliced on a sagittal plane. So good, and I am sure good for you.


blue sushi sake


Be sure to taste the Black Tuna. This has been marinated for three days in squid ink.  This buttery fish is sometimes called super white tuna. Actually, it’s not a tuna at all, it’s walu.

Besides all this wonderful sushi, Blue has a great mix of specialty cocktails. If you are not a super fan of the sweeter drinks, they will tone down that side of the cocktail and make it drier. You will also enjoy a slew of well priced sake, and the staff is trained well to walk you through your selection.



Do not overlook dessert. There is this super delicious fried chocolate concoction that will curl your toes. Also, Blue has gluten-free and vegan options for those of that propensity.

As new as the restaurant is, the beautiful space fills quickly. A reservation will make your life easier. Check out the killer patio.

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