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Blue Sushi Sake Grill Scores Well in Dallas and Fort Worth

blueby Steven Doyle

Dallas may not be known as the sushi capitol of the world, but be there no doubt we love the stuff. Seriously, we enjoy sushi and there are growing options. One of those new options includes a growing chain of restaurants, Blue Sushi Sake Grill located in the new Preston Hollow complex on Walnut Hill and Central Expressway. Fort Worth scored a location first.  As many may note we do not typically entertain chains and prefer local options due to the lack of quality control among a few other notions, but Blue Sushi Sake Grill  tears down this wall by hiring well and insisting on the freshest ingredients.   Continue reading


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TJ Lengnick Named Exec Chef at Steel

DSC08261by Steven Doyle

Chef TJ Lengnick has been named executive chef of Steel, another cog in the wheel of updates for the 15-year old restaurant that still shines bright. Lengnick has a terrific Dallas restaurant history working at Jasper’s in Plano, as well as Pappa’s Brothers Steakhouse, Nana Grill, Shinsei and was the opening chef de cuisine at Whiskey Cake.  The chef is an avid Steelers fan (we won’t hold that against him) and graduated from New England Culinary Institute. Other proud graduates from New England include Alton Brown, and local chef wunderkind Abraham Salum.   Continue reading

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A Visit to Little Katana

DSC00064by Steven Doyle

Nestled on the corner Travis and Knox, Little Katana quietly serves up sushi and Korean dishes to neighborhood patrons who pack the house all through the week. Monday is the perfect day to acquaint yourself with this little gem as it is half price sushi rolls and bottles of wine and sake. For the uninitiated, you may wish to start your dinner with the sampler platter which includes Crab Tempura, Seared Ahi Tuna, Shrimp and Lump Crab Cake and Coconut Shrimp Tempura served with an Asian Slaw.

You may have also heard the name Little Katana bandied about with regards to the new addition of restaurants at Dallas Omni downtown. Let us chat about this little sushi wonder for a bit:

Particularly enjoyable on the appetizer side of the menu are several hot rocks where the guest becomes the cook, sizzling bits of Kobe steak or thin slices of Maine lobster. Both are served with a spread of delicious sauces.  Other apps you may wish to check out are the Shumai which are steamed and packed with flavor. Often you will find these dumplings rubbery, but Katana’s version are soft and supple.    Continue reading

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Steel is Offering Sushi and Cocktail Classes

sushiby Steven Doyle

This is super exciting. Steel is offering sushi classes where you learn to make your own at home. There are two upcoming classes, one for children on July 18th, and the other for adults on the 25th a week later. Both classes start at 4pm. The classes include everything you will need to know, and all the supplies at individual stations that have a sushi mat, rice and fish. Adults and teens will be cutting their own, whereas the younger folks will have more hands on assistance.  Continue reading

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Sushi Sam in Southlake Won Me Over

image1by Judy Chamberlain

All sushi is not created equal. Just compare what you get at Nobu, Tei An, Tei Tei Robata and the like with the standard fare one nearly always encounters in lesser-priced surroundings. And that revelation isn’t limited to suburban outposts of “hip” chains flourishing with the common goal of serving Grade C sushi at Grade B prices.

While Grade B is a good thing when it comes to unfiltered maple syrup, it’s not going to cut the wasabi with a real sushi snob, nor is Grade C. One will find plenty of both out there.  Continue reading

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Steel Going Strong After 15 Years

Steelby Steven Doyle

In an age where most restaurants have a very short shelf life, Steel Restaurant and Lounge has beaten the odds as it goes into its 15th year of business. We recently had a chance to visit the amazing pan Asian and sushi restaurant, which is located in the Turtle Creek area just off Cedar Springs and Oak Lawn in the Centrum Building. What we found was that the restaurant is still pleasing its growing list of regulars with their superior service and enjoyable menu.   Continue reading

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Uchi Dallas Opens June 1st

Gyutoro_HiRes by Erica Wilkins-1 (14)by Steven Doyle

The day we have been waiting for. June 1, 2015 will be here soon and we can all get our Uchi fix without having to make that trek to Austin.

We had a sneak peek this past week and the workers are busy doing their thing. Dallas Chef de Cuisine Nilton “Junior” Borges has his staff in place and they fired up their first dishes just days ago in training for the big day, and his staff is chock-full of many familiar faces. This is also true for the front of the house which was also hard at work familiarizing themselves with the Dallas menu.  Continue reading

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