Heim Barbecue Featuring Prime Niman Ranch Beef Ribs This Weekend

heim4by Steven Doyle

Heim Barbecue opened its brick and mortar doors in August of this year after enjoying a prodigious success in Fort Worth. Here you will find Travis and Emma Heim cranking out thousands of pounds of meat only to run out before demand has been fully met. This is the Texas barbecue dream.   



heimNiman Ranch Beef Rib

Here you will find an assortment of familiar Texas flavors such as brisket, sausages, pulled pork, and a particularly enjoyable and bacon burnt ends. Heim has quickly accelerated to the ranks of the top of the best barbecue in Texas, joining the ranks of Franklin’s (Austin) and Pecan Lodge (Dallas).  On any given day these players might outrank one another for their ethereal smoked meats.

If you have not sampled the Heim’s best, this weekend is your opportunity to be amazed. Enjoy these prime grade Niman Ranch beef ribs Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We would imagine long lines well in advance to the their 11am opening. Expect a crowd, and expect they will run out each day. Of everything.

Heim Barbecue | 1109 W Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth  | 817.882.6970

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