2016 State Fair of Texas Food Cravings

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by Steven Doyle

It is Fair Season once again and today marks the opening of Texas’ largest month-long foodie event. After you have your obligatory Flethcher’s Corn Dog you will find there is so much more to choose from this year, and we wish to guide you to some of our favorite new treats. 

Grab a bib and let’s get started:  


Pie-Roon, A Deep Fried Macaron

Imagine a pumpkin pie or chocolate filled macron encased in pie dough, then fried hot and fresh to order. Think fried pie meets macaron for this French-inspired sweet treat. Also at this location find a bounty of fried goodness such as the deep fried pizza and the new pizza fries.

Located at the Vanedeley Industries booth on the Midway

Duel Lamb Chop Pop with Twice Baked Potato Fries

Australian Rack of Lamb – cooked “Sous Vide” (a technique in which vacuum-sealed food is immersed in a water bath and cooked at a very precise, consistent temperature), then seared to a juicy tender finish, served with a side of twice baked potato fries and green mint jelly.

Located at Belgian Waffle in the Tower Building and at Lone Star Blvd


Lollipop Fried Bacon Wrapped Smoked Quail Breast on a Stick

Quail breast with a small sliver of unseeded jalapeno pepper wrapped in bacon, deep fried, served on a skewer with a cherry tomato on the end. Each order comes with three skewers and a side of ranch dressing.

Located at Dickle’s Texas Smokehouse at First Avenue and Cotton Bowl Plaza

Dr Pepper Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Inspired by some of Howdy Homemade’s favorite things, they are excited to introduce the first-ever Dr Pepper Chocolate Chip Ice Cream at the great State Fair of Texas. A super-premium ice cream loaded with Dr Pepper flavor and mini chocolate chips.

Located at Howdy Homemade in the Creative Arts Building

Deep Fried Clam Chowda 

Fried clam chowder bites breaded in Panko Bread crumbs and placed on top a bed of fried clams. Each order is served with a Sriracha Ranch dipping sauce.

Located at Guacamole Paradise at the Midway, Texas Ice House & Texas Burgers, Dogs & More at Cotton Bowl Plaza


Deep Fried Cannoli Bites

This modern twist on the cream-filled Italian classic dessert begins with hot pastry and explodes into a warm sweet-cream center, sprinkled with rich mini-chocolate chips. The Cannoli Bites finish with a zesty hint of citrus and orange. Lightly dusted with powdered sugar and drizzled with dark and white chocolate.

Located at the Magnolia Beer Garden & Magnolia Smokehouse

Dallas’ Fried Bacon-Tilla

Bacon slices are hand woven in the shape of a tortilla and fried into taco shell form, filled with beef, cheese, tomatoes, lettuce, and then more bacon. Bacon lovers, this is for you!

Located at Benavides in the Tower Building


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