Vote For Your Candidate With Beer at Flying Saucer


The 2016 presidential race just got even better. Flying Saucer Draught Emporium debuted its 2016 U.S. presidential pint glasses, kicking off the brew pubs very own poll for the outcome of the election. Saucer’s poll is a proven success as sales of the glasses have correctly predicted the outcome of the past three presidential elections. (It’s a beer drinkers and we’re just living in it, right?)  

This year marks the first time that glasses will be available for purchase online ($8 but we have seen them on eBay for $20 and more), allowing people across the country an opportunity to own a presidential Saucer glass (and to enjoy a beer to make it through this crazy election cycle), regardless of their proximity to one of the 16 Flying Saucer locations. It should make for the most exciting poll prediction via glass sales yet. Those in the DFW area, can enjoy a beer and pick up their own glass at any of Saucer’s three local locations.


beer2photos courtesy of Flying Saucer

Our Beerknurds haven’t been wrong in the last 12 years,” says Shannon Wynne, co-founder of Flying Saucer. “The online sales mean that more people can own a part of this historic election season, and they’ll get a keepsake beer vessel to drown their sorrows, no matter who wins.”

These are custom designed “Slick Hilly” and “Big Plans, Small Hands” glasses featuring the two candidates. These will be treasured collector’s items for sure.

Here is a list of the votes from the various locations as of September 30th. Want to see your candidate win? You know what to do.

Fort Worth    Clinton – 180, Trump – 223

The Lake        Clinton – 165, Trump – 233

Addison           Clinton – 198, Trump – 327


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