Bark Releases Their Spice Pumpkin Brittle And You’re Going To Love It

barkby Steven Doyle

Dallas is ripe with these marvelous chocolatiers. These geniuses of the kitchen that bring us joy, peace and euphoria all in a single bite. This is definitely what Katy Priore who owns Bark  Chocolate does for us with her confections, and her seasonal offering today is like none other. 


Consider the Spiced Pumpkin Seed Brittle like no other pumpkin spice nonsense you might find on your grocer’s shelves. First, it is a brittle. That is a bonus prize unto itself. Then you have the value added pumpin seeds which gives each bite a rich flavor jolt and crunch.

You may find this brittle while supplies last, and in very limited supply, at Mudsmith’s and Carbones. As if you needed a reason to visit eother of these places.

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