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pdqby Rhonda Dutton

I’m sure you saw that title coming. The term “PDQ” has been around since 1875 and is much cooler than saying “forthwith.” What hasn’t been around since 1875 is a good variety of chicken sammie options. Most places offer a grilled chicken sandwich. Or a grilled and a fried chicken sandwich, almost as if they were a menu afterthought or an appeasement for diners who may not be in the mood for beef (this I can’t fathom but I’ve heard it exists). However, there has been tremendous growth in fowl-eating this year: 3 of the 5 fastest-growing restaurant chains in America are cluck-cluck joints.  


Now, this is where I will fess up that I am not a fan of fowl. Or birds in general, for that matter, they poop on my truck. You won’t see a lot of chicken in my Insta-feed, I just don’t lean toward it. This is also where I will fess up that I lost my manners at PDQ. PDQ actually stands for People Dedicated to Quality, and they really are, their chicken is never frozen and each piece is hand battered and cooked up to order and you can taste the difference.

img_7719The Honey Butter Sandwich is made with fresh, never-frozen, 100% natural chicken, homemade honey butter, layered with Grillo’s all-natural bread and butter pickles, served on a toasted brioche bun!

And, this is where I will fess up that what I ate at PDQ was not your usual chicken sandwich. For their 5-year anniversary this week, founders Bob and Nick created a lip-smacking Honey Butter Sandwich as a thank you to those who have supported PDQ for the past 5 years. Now, let’s talk about this Honey Butter Sandwich. When they delivered this little bundle of joy to my face, I was expecting “just another chicken sandwich.” What I got was super tender, super crispy, super moist, super DELICIOUS. Apologies for all the supers, but I think you’ll agree when you set your peeps on this:

img_7721This is a real life picture, y’all – I ATE this!

I really lost my manners devouring this thing, and when the sandwich was gone, I had to go wash my honey-buttered paws in this cool wash tub located near the beverage bar:


PDQ offers equally tasty tenders, nuggets, a variety of other sandwiches and salads (a coworker RAVED about their grilled chicken salad with almonds, craisins, and blueberry-ginger dressing when I mentioned PDQ at work) and even hand spun shakes, but I especially love the alternate-fry option of zucchini fries. It is also super-fun tasting their 8 homemade sauces.


For their 5-year anniversary, every PDQ location will be hosting a party all weekend long on Saturday, October 29 and Sunday, October 30, with hundreds of giveaways and the special new crave-worthy sandwich created by PDQ’s founders (Hint: See above).

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