Dallas Gem: Great American Hero

great americanby Jennifer Thomas

What a treasured gem we have in the Great American Hero located at 4001 Lemmon Avenue in Dallas.  Serving since 1974 the Hero looks a bit worn, but that is due to the fact they have cranked out untold sandwiches to happy guests since before I was born.

Service is never lacking at Hero and there is always a line of employees to help your sandwich choice along. Often you will spot the owner who takes great pride in entertaining new guests as they enter the building. He awards newbies with a free fruit cup (yum) and regales his history with pride.    

Great American Hero

Besides healthy options, and there are plenty, the sandwiches are made from delicious freshly baked bread and loaded up with your choice of meats, cheese, and fresh from the Farmers Market veggies. Another added bonus, if you will, is the fact they refuse to use pennies. I could get used to that! Do not overlook one of our favorite gems in Dallas.

Dallas Gem is a new feature we will run periodically on craveDFW. If you have a special spot that you would love to sing about, drop us a line at steven@cravedfw.com.

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  1. Hey thanks for taking time sharing the review. I am definitely going to visit the place and taste the food with my wife soon .

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