The Lodge For Dinner? Why Not!


by Steven Doyle

First allow me a moment to inform our readers that I love my job. I enjoy writing and rarely get any sort of block, I enjoy the feedback from everyone who enjoys the reports I file on the food and entertainment scene in the Dallas and Fort Worth area, and I especially enjoy the research that goes into the stories published here.  With that stated, you should know that I dispense the assignments for the handful of contributors you find on craveDFW. This is why when the thought of going to The Lodge, one of Dallas’ premier gentleman’s clubs, I was quick to allow myself the story.

When I go out to dine and take photographs I generally take people with me so we might order more dishes for a larger perspective of a menu. We were on our way to The Lodge last week when I asked my friend if he had ever been to the club and he said no. It was a few minutes later that he realized we were on our way to a men’s club. This made for interesting conversation to say the least.   


My friend’s apprehensions were alleviated almost instantly as we entered the beautiful club. The Lodge is not typical in the sense that there are not inappropriate women with poor behavior, no loud music to addle your brain, and in fact the surroundings are quite beautiful. A member of management gave us a tour of the building and made us very welcome and very comfortable. This would happen for any guest of the club we were told.

We were seated and were not bothered by haranguing dancers as it might happen in other clubs in town, and the employees were obviously well trained in the art of manners and diplomacy. We were on a mission to sample the fare and that is what we did.

crabclawscrawfishCrab Claws

dsc00401Crab stuffed shrimp

dsc00406Filet and lobster

All this patter to disarm readers with preconceived notions of what might take place in such a club aside (and it took me five paragraphs to do so) The Lodge as a restaurant is quite unique and well managed. We came for a mid-day deal of a $10 steak and lobster (sounds good on paper but is it really worth a trip?) but was fascinated by the extensive menu, one you might find at any number of restaurants across town. And the typical prices match that of those same restaurants. The $10 deal is sincerely a deal.

We started our meal off with a nice salad and an order of the appetizer crab claws. The crab was large, meaty and well prepared. Very impressive.

Then we got to the meat of the evening, which included a beautifully grilled steak, grilled lobster and a baked potato or veggies. This portion of the meal is $10 on Thursday from 11am to 6pm, and Monday all night. Check out their Facebook for daily special, and there is a lunch buffet which is pretty grand as well.

We did indeed enjoy our filet and lobster served less expensive than we could make at home, and with more expertise as well. For those who might enjoy this atmosphere we found this is the best bargain and certainly the best tasting offering around. I will admit the scenery didn’t hurt either.

I for one will be back.

Menu: lodge


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