Beloved Vickery Park Is Closed

vickeryby Steven Doyle

Employees of Vickery Park located on Henderson were given the very sad news today that the popular bar is closed. Vickery was known for a wicked good beer selection and unusual bar food. Regulars to the 11-year old bar were neighborhood residents and restaurant industry employees; a very popular chef hang out.

We particularly enjoyed Vickery’s lazy brunch that was extended into Monday to serve industry employees. This leaves a huge gap that will no doubt be difficult to fill.

Look for more fall-out to be announced soon.


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  1. Bertie Magoo

    Glory hunting Man United group now meets at Chili’s on Cockrell Hill

    • They wanted Kaka but they got Bellamy...

      The ’08…sorry…2011ers of Citeh calling United supporters glory hunters although they were nowhere to be seen before the FA cup winning Arab money era….laughable. Formed in 2011 (kind of) after they won a trophy lol

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