Zalat Delivers Your Valentine (Pizza)

zalatby Steven Doyle

You know that delicious corn in the cup that is sold outside every Hispanic market in Dallas from a tiny vending cart? Elotes. It’s the corn shaved and combine with crema, cheese and a smoky sauce, ZaLat the Baron of late night pizza across Dallas and parts unknown u[p north (like Plano), has their own version of elotes.  

The Zalat Elotes pizza is made with corn, a lemon pepper reduction, parmesan cheese, cilantro and a grand swirly of Valentina sauce. The pizza may also be served with a side of Sriracha for good measure.

For Valentine’s Day (well, tonight) you may order the pizza with a heart twist. The corn has been dyed red (a request of a frequent Zalat customer with a sweetheart) and fashioned into a hear-shaped pie. The massive pizza, which can only be called an event for the mouth, will cost you a mere 24.99, much better than those 200.00 roses that are super lame. Your love deserved more of you that flowers.

The pizza is sold tonight until they run out or 4am when they close, whichever comes first. Order at this website.


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