Next Door Ups Their Burger Game

photo-feb-16-4-33-56-pm-1by Steven Doyle

You may have been to the new It spot in Dallas on McKinney, Next Door. We had brunch there recently and we were totally blown away with its uniqueness and power of execution. The evenings in the upper room are also something to brag about with fantastic music and bottle service to boot.  

And before we get started on the original subject matter of their new killer burger, can we just address the elephant in the room? Back when I was a lad growing up in Dallas there was a restaurant named “Next Door” with several locations in the city. The thrill behind this restaurant was that you could dial up the kitchen from your table and place your order. No idea if that eliminated tipping as I never picked up the tab at 6. In 1972 Pizza Hut purchased the chain along with two other restaurants. One named Taco Kid, the other called the Flaming Steer. If the new Next Door would install red phones table-side I would get a personal thrill. I digress.

Next Door’s Chef Paul Niekrasz and his team are focused on featuring creative takes on favorites like tacos, sandwiches, salads and the humble burger—and offering patrons delicious options whether they’re in for a full dinner or some late-night, drink-friendly snacks.


With several new items, there’s plenty to try, but the real showstopper is the Loaded Bun Burger. This beautiful behemoth is a blend of perfectly-seasoned angus brisket and short rib that’s served between a stuffed smoked gouda bun. Cut into that burger, and watch the warm, melted gouda coat the burger in a layer of cheesy goodness.

Let’s discuss that burger a bit, then you can go back to work. Imagine a top bun stuffed with molten hot gooey smoked gouda. A slice or a bite illicits an avalanche of the cheese into your mouth, your shirt, your place and all things holy. It is possibly best to slice into the bun and allow it to do its thing.

It is a sight, and a delicious surprise for the uninitiated. Grab a burger this weekend and report back.

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