Drink and Eat Tex-Mex Your Way at T. Blanco’s

2017TBlanco-9by Nafeisa Shukair-Farley

Are you looking for an eating place that not only serves freshly-made Tex-Mex and a variety of unique adult beverages?  You don’t have to look far because T. Blanco’s has opened its new location in Addison (off Beltline and Addison Rd) and they are ready to fill your belly and quench your thirst.

Thomas White with his sons Hunter and Mason have created a Mexican haven with stimulating décor that encourages smiles, eating and drinking.  With Chef Jimmy Villarreal creating his food masterpieces using freshly- ground spices, diners and drinkers are in for treat.  


Let’s start with the adult beverages!  Looking for a drink to cool you off?  Try the frozen Crown and Coke (an adult Slurpee).  Want a fancy pretty drink that makes you feel sophisticated and posh?  The Sangria Swirl is for you.  For those who want unique drinks, you have to try the Cucumber Gin, Vodka Cranberry, Jameson Pickle and Pineapple Tequila all of which are made in-house.  Taking a poll at the bar, these drinks were very popular and drinkers were not disappointed.

There is an after-dinner drink called the Glancing Blow.  Thomas told the animated story of how the drink came to life and I highly recommend when you patronize T. Blanco’s, find Thomas and have him tell you the story as written words cannot do it justice.  But make sure you don’t eat the coffee beans.

One of the most important food items at a Tex-Mex place is the chips and T. Blanco’s does not disappoint.  The chips for the trio of house-made salsas (red house salsa, tomatillo and jalapeño cream) are light and crisp.  The chips for the Blanco Dip were hearty and sprinkled with an amazing blend of spices.  Once I started eating the chips, I knew the rest of the dinner was going to be perfection.


The robust menu has traditional Tex-Mex dishes made with a T. Blanco special touch that will satisfy meat-eaters, vegetarians and everyone in between.  Talking with Chef Jimmy, he told me that he will customize menu items to accommodate diners food choices which is a great benefit for those with food allergies or just picky.  For example, the creamy-rich Blanco Dip is made with pulled pork but you can request chicken, beef or no meat.  Chef says, “All you have to do is ask.”

One of my favorite menu items is the Stuffed Avocado.  Stuffed with shredded chicken, Monterey jack cheese, breaded with Panko bread crumbs….deep-fried and topped with jalapeño cream and Pico de Gallo is part of my top ten ways to eat an avocado.  All the spices brings out the flavors of the food and made my taste buds squeal in Spanish.  The Margarita Chicken salad is fresh, light and refreshing – great summer salad that is topped with the house-made Margarita Vinaigrette dressing.


To top off your meal, the Cinnamon Sugar Churros is a must eat.  The churros were light, crisp and had just the right amount of cinnamon and sugar.  A perfect complement to an amazing meal.

Although every night is fun at T. Blanco’s, if you go on Thursday night, you can learn to Salsa and dance the night (and calories) away with the DJ.

Blanco’s stands out in the Addison food scene with the “no-limit” menu, unique drinks and the relaxed environment.  Remember, ask for Thomas to hear the Glancing Blow story.

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