What’s Eating Your Phone?

Food-photoby Steven Doyle

I get out quite a bit, and sometimes do not have my trusty Sony camera with me, so like most I will use my iPhone to snap a few photos for Facebook, or to remind me of something later. Generally this has to do with dining or tippling. I thought it might be fun to pull off a few photos from the phone and share those today in a bit are reviving and call  What’s Eating Your Phone?

Remember, these are taken with a phone and not of superior quality. If you have a cool photo on your phone, send it our way to steven@cravedfw.com, we might just have some cool prize waiting for you. Or not.  


There seems to be quite a few photos of BBQ on my phone these days. This is the brisket from Pecan Lodge. It is just that good.


I have been working on a whole fish story and have had them everywhere I can find them. Just when I think I have sampled most of them in Dallas, another one swims my way. This is the whole fish at Mexican Sugar, and quite delicious.


More BBQ? Sure, why not. These are the fried brisket pies at Baker’s Ribs in Deep Ellum. They also make a slew of sweet pies like coconut and lemon.


There is an abnormally large amount of Velvet Hammer photos on my phone for some reason. Velvet Hammer is of course the very delicious brew from Peticolas made in Dallas, and is a highly rated American Strong Ale that swaggers in at 9.1% ABV. I ran into Tito Beveridge one nigh while out, and served him up with a mighty Velvet Hammer. He normally drinks vodka. Tito’s Vodka. By the way, his real name is Bert, but that doesn’t have the same ring as Tito.


The green onion pancake is inexpensive yet heavenly. There is a story in China that suggests pizza is an adaptation of the scallion pancake, brought back to Italy by Marco Polo. The dish is made with folded dough for the layered effect, unlike and American pancake which is made with batter. The result is a crispy and subtly flavorful bite that is soothing. In other Asian food cultures you will find a version such as the Vietnamese Bánh xèo, the Korean Pajeon, or even the Indian paratha. Find this pancake at Jeng Chi in Richardson.

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