7 Perfectly Delicious Tofu Dishes in Dallas

cowby Steven Doyle

Bean curd, or tofu is relatively simple to create by pressing coagulated soy milk into submission which can be soft, firm or extra firm. If you follow us with any sort of regularity you will not we do appreciate our animal filled dinner plates, but it is true we have a soft spot for a well thought out vegetarian or vegan dish.

Tofu definitely has its place at the center of the plate and can be thoroughly delicious. The magic behind tofu, besides its low caloric nature coupled with large amounts of protein and necessary nutrients, is the fact that it is the chameleon of the dining scene. It may take on great flavors when added by the right cook. Sauces are tofu’s friend.  

Let’s explore a handful of delicious tofu dishes in the Dallas area.

tofo velvet taco

Take a gaze (or a bite) into the lovely crevasse of the Kung Pao Tofu Taco at Velvet Taco.

tofo tfo house

You’re going to love this name. The Spicy Soon Doo Boo (Sundubu-jjigae) at Tofu House in Carrollton is made with chile paste, soft tofu and assorted vegetables including kimchee and served boiling.

tofo dalat

Sometimes a vegetarian bowl of pho served with shards of firm tofu hit the spot. Find this delicious bowl at Dalat.

tofo bbbop

BbBop makes this vegan bowl of udon noodles and tofu that is perfect on any sort of day.

tofu wang

Howard Wang’s is not above using large shanks of tofu in their General Tso’s dish.


CrushCraft makes these tofu “fries” that are addictive.

tofu bangcock city

And finally, one of our passions, the fried tofu with a peanut sauce at Bangkok City.

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