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Velvet Taco Opens at Legacy Hall

tofo velvet taco

Velvet Taco, the edgy, Dallas-based, counter-service restaurant known for tacos inspired by unexpected flavors, is opening its 10th location at Legacy Hall later this spring. Legacy Hall is a European-style food hall with more than 20 restaurant partners located at 7800 Windrose Ave. in Legacy West, Plano’s popular mixed-use development.

Velvet Taco offers a thoughtfully created, chef-driven menu with scratch-made everything, including slow roasted marinated brisket, dry-rubbed pulled pork, tomato chutney prepared with fresh grilled vegetables, all sauces and more. The globally inspired cuisine that just happens to be in a tortilla is innovative and imaginative, yet still approachable while pushing the envelope. Continue reading

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Velvet Taco Does Brunch


Velvet Taco, the Dallas-based, funky, fast-casual restaurant known for creating tacos with international flavors, is rolling out a brand new brunch menu beginning Monday, September 24.

The four new items will be available all day, every day along with restaurant’s extensive menu of chicken, fish, beef, pork and vegetarian taco options. Continue reading

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More Details About Uptown Velvet Taco

Velvet Taco Tacosby Steven Doyle

I know we ran info on the closing of Urban Taco’s Uptown location, and subsequently Velvet Taco taking over the location. I have more information from Velvet Taco. We had a great response on the story so I thought you all might appreciate the details. Also, they are hiring 65 people. I love keeping everyone up-to-date as possible.

Here is the press release I just recieved:  Continue reading

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Urban Taco McKinney Ave Closing, Velvet Taco Opening

551A2925 (1).jpeg

Urban Taco’s McKinney Avenue location in Uptown will be closing on Saturday, March 31 following dinner service to make way for Velvet Taco.

Creator and Partner of Urban Taco, Markus Pineyro explains they have outgrown the location and chose to not renew the lease after 9 years. The partners feel a different concept such as Velvet Taco is a better fit for the neighborhood at this stage. Continue reading


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7 Perfectly Delicious Tofu Dishes in Dallas

cowby Steven Doyle

Bean curd, or tofu is relatively simple to create by pressing coagulated soy milk into submission which can be soft, firm or extra firm. If you follow us with any sort of regularity you will not we do appreciate our animal filled dinner plates, but it is true we have a soft spot for a well thought out vegetarian or vegan dish.

Tofu definitely has its place at the center of the plate and can be thoroughly delicious. The magic behind tofu, besides its low caloric nature coupled with large amounts of protein and necessary nutrients, is the fact that it is the chameleon of the dining scene. It may take on great flavors when added by the right cook. Sauces are tofu’s friend.   Continue reading

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Eat Me: Velvet Taco’s Kung Pao Tofu Taco

Kung Pao Tofu Taco_Velvet Tacoby Steven Doyle

Each week Velvet Taco announces what they call the WTF, or Weekly Taco Feature. Cute, eh? This week’s Weekly Taco Feature puts tofu in the spotlight with the spicy Kung Pao Tofu Taco. The Kung Pao is made with fried tofu, peanuts, green onions topped with Asian Bamboo Salad and wrapped in a crisp lettuce wrap.

This one sounded so delicious that we had to share. Available now through Sunday, August 9.

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WTF Velvet Taco? Veal Brains?

tacoby Steven Doyle


Velvet Taco has a long standing tradition of making a special taco each week called the WTC Taco. WTF means Weekly Taco Feature,not that other thing you were thinking.

We were sent word this week that they have upped the stakes on the WTF, and you might be a little impressed by their ability t step out there a bit with ingredients. This weeks WTF is  is a cornmeal fried veal brains taco. Specifically a corn tortilla, egg, goat cheese fingerling potatoes, avocado crema, nopales pico, and salsa verde — along with lime poached and then cornmeal fried veal brains.

Haven’t had your ration of brains this week? Go get ’em, tiger. There are locations near you.

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