The Legend of Tupelo Honey at the Star

tup1by Nafeisa Shukair-Farley

In 1972, Van Morrison intoxicated us with his love song Tupelo Honey.  Using his soulful voice and melodies, he had everyone looking for a love “as sweet as tupelo honey.”  In September 2017, Stephen Frabitore introduced DFW to Tupelo Honey, an eating establishment designed to satisfy our need for Southern cuisine.

Instead of starting with the main courses, we are going to start with…DESSERTS!  The range of desserts available at Tupelo Honey will satisfy just about anyone’s love for the sweets.  Served in mini-mason jars, sweet choices include Blueberry and Thyme Crisp, gooey Butter Cake, and my favorite, Peanut Butter Mousse and Chocolate Ganache with Salted Pretzel Crumbles.  The mousse, smooth and light, has the right combination of peanut butter to chocolate ratio and the salt from the pretzels brings out the intense flavors.  Since the desserts are served in mini-mason jars, you get the right serving size to end your food experience satisfied without needing to unbutton your pants.



Now that our sweet tooth is satisfied, let’s talk food.  Chef Eric Gabrynowicz created dishes for Tupelo Honey that are simply made with fresh ingredients and love.  Chef Eric incorporates his love for southern cuisine into every dish to provide diners with meals that satisfy not only the palate but the soul as well.  The Cathead biscuits, as big as a “cats head,” are served with house-made blueberry jam and whipped butter.  The biscuits are light and flaky inside with a nice crust on the outside.  We followed the biscuits with Fried Green Tomatoes served on a bed of goat cheese grits. The grits brought out the fresh flavor of the tomatoes which took the traditional dish to a new food level.

For our meat and seafood lovers, you are in for a treat!  Chef Eric has created masterpieces that will excite your palate and fill your tummy.  The seafood, flown in daily includes succulent oysters shucked on site.  All steaks are 100% Texas raised and the Porterhouse is dry-aged in house – you can even watch it age as the steak locker is right in the dining area.  The Honey Dusted Chicken is moist, flavorful and has a lightly sprinkle of the special “bee dust” to give it an extra kick of sweet and savory.  Vegan – no problem!  Chef Eric has created a Cauliflower Steak just for you.  With parsnip puree and rainbow chard, the Cauliflower Steak is sure to please and can be eaten with a knife and fork just like the steak eaters.



For those who partake in the spirits, you will not be disappointed.  There is a wide variety of beverages to tickle your fancy.  The 99% Texan – a vodka-tonic served with a lime and cactus is a fan favorite.  What tickled our fancy is the Mountain Smoke. With a mixture of Texas whiskey, rosemary, house-made Cuban cigar bitters, coffee, and dry ice, the drink, which has smoke is not only amazing to the eyes, but has a smooth taste that flows like honey.  Plus, it is awesome to watch the smoke billowing out from the cup!

The restaurant décor is clean, modern and feels like home.  The bar has several TVs to watch our Dallas Cowboys(and other teams) so make sure you catch the “Five Dolla Holla Y’all” happy hour to get prepped to watch the games, meet new people and just have fun.  You can also catch brunch on the weekends if you need to fill up on Banana Pudding Layered Pancakes or a Lump Blue Crab Benedict.


We definitely found sweet love at Tupelo Honey.

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