Cuquita’s Cures The Tex Mex Craving

by Steven Doyle

One of our most favorite Tex-Mex restaurants in the Dallas area has always been Cuquita’s, which is located on Josey at Valley View Lane. The unencumbered restaurant has garnered much praise from Texas Monthly and was named one of the top 5 Mexican restaurants in the state. That is large praise, but there are a few reasons why the restaurant is so good.

Cuquita’s is full of freshness. Each day house-made flour and corn tortillas are hand pressed and made alongside tamales which are made with the house masa needed for the tortillas. One bite of the tortillas and you will be hooked. They are sold to go by the dozen, and you will want to pick up a few for dinner or breakfast tacos at home. They are like no other.      

On this visit we tried the costilla con salsa verde, which are pork ribs in a green sauce. The ribs are cooked on a low simmer and fall apart at a single touch and are served in a bath of warm green chile sauce. The side of beans and rice can often be a boring addition for the Texas palate which nursed on such dishes, but the beans are creamy and the rice is fluffed and flavored to perfection.

Our green enchilada luncheon was equally as nice and almost required for the first visit. The chicken mole is also rich and perfectly executed, requiring many tortillas to sop up the delicious mess on the plate.

Don’t forget the tacos because Cuquita’s makes some rather nice ones, including the lengua and the barbacoa. Each made from slow cooked meats and deftly seasoned to rile up the senses.

Stand and shout huzzah with each passing visit because Cuquita’s is a blessing on a plate.

Cuquita’s | 13260 Josey Ln, Farmers Branch | 972.243.1491


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  1. Bill

    Always liked the pozole and menudo here

  2. Ruth

    Aww, I remember the Cuquita’s on Henderson- queso flameado, horchata, mariachis…….

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