Ultimate Cocktail Experience Returns Sept 22nd *Contest*


Mark your calendar for September 22, because the Ultimate Cocktail Experience is back for another round. Once again, the best bartenders across DFW will convene to shake up drinks and showcase their talents with unique pop-up bar concepts. And this year, the event is changing venues, moving into the spacious, air-conditioned confines of the Bomb Factory. Tickets are on sale now.

Now in its seventh year, the Ultimate Cocktail Experience has grown into the world’s largest charity cocktail event. It’s focused on raising funds for Trigger’s Toys, a non-profit that provides assistance to hospitalized children and their families. Last year, the event raised more than $200,000. This year, they’re hoping to top that number, and provide even more aid to kids in need.

Like always, it’s going to be a fun evening filled with delicious cocktails. More importantly, it’s your chance to participate in a great cause. All proceeds from the Ultimate Cocktail Experience will benefit Trigger’s Toys and go toward reducing the financial and emotional stress on chronically-ill children and their families.

That’s something worth raising a glass to, so get your tickets today to ensure you don’t miss out.

We will award two passes for this event to a lucky reader who makes a comment below and clicks on one of the social media buttons below to share. Easy and for a great cause! We will announce the winner September 17th at 3pm. Winner chosen at random using a number system and a randomizer (high tech stuff here).


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43 responses to “Ultimate Cocktail Experience Returns Sept 22nd *Contest*

  1. Todd Sellers

    Put me down to enter.

  2. TMac

    I went to this a few years back when it it was at uptown bar, loads of fun. I just bought a ticket but could use a few more for friends.

  3. Shannon S.

    Me and my boyfriend want to go. Ptefer to win but will go regardless!!!!!

  4. How do I enter?

  5. Don’t use my real name

    Love this party, sign me up.

  6. Cheryl Manning

    Enter me!!! Ok that did’t sound good.

  7. Katy Murphy


  8. Marjory Reynolds

    I would like to go

  9. H Rediel

    Yes please I want to go. 🍸🍸🍸🍸

  10. Ooohhh this girl needs a cocktail!!! Pick me!!!

  11. Shelley Bermer

    This contest sounds so random but still gotta say it, pick me!

  12. 4katchef

    Raisin’ a Glass to a FUN event!

  13. Shelby Verner

    Put my name in the hat for a win.

  14. Kaiten Stanley

    Pick me!

  15. James Henry

    Give me those tickets! Best contest ever. Even better than the killer grill I won on Crave four years ago. I am still using that grill! God I love Crave.

    • Crave Staff

      Happy you enjoyed the prize. You are eligible to win two prizes a year so you qualify. We need a grill at craveDFW, perhaps we need to hit up that company that gave us yours.

  16. Sheila Hernandez

    I want to go.

  17. Todd W

    This sounds like fun for a cause.

  18. Deborah Wilson

    This is one of my favorite Dallas events of the year!

  19. Sarah Berglass

    I’m always up for a good cocktail! Consider this shared!

  20. Genevieve Caron

    Please and thank you.

  21. Trinda reed

    Pick me pick me!!!

  22. Corban Greene

    I want in on this.

  23. Paris Belle

    I do not like the b factory but this sounds fun. Count me in win or not.

  24. Steve Hodge

    Definitely intetested.

  25. Cathy Chadbourn

    Put me down as an entry please.

  26. Marissa Mediati

    Me! 🙋🏻‍♀️ It’s on my birthday this year

  27. George Sellers

    Register me in contest please

  28. Lee Jamison

    This sounds great! Put me in, coach!

  29. Sarah Im

    I would love to go to this!

  30. Cathy Plum

    If you’re picking it may as well be me.

  31. Carl Helberg

    Can the judge take bribes? I am a professional baker and would bake anything you like!

  32. Thom Stripling

    I am feeling lucky!

  33. Molly Brown

    I want to go to this but have no date. I think if I have a ticket I can get a date or go with Steve Doyle maybe?

  34. Jerry Kennedy

    Ultimate cocktails? I am the ultimate drinker!

  35. Jeff Patton

    This is always a great event, sign me up

  36. James Harper

    Sign me up as well!

  37. Lyndsy Rausch

    Sounds like so much fun! Gimme them passes 👏👏👏

  38. Tanya T.

    Would live to attend, preferably for free but will go anyway.

  39. Richard Harris

    How much are tickets? Yes I want then free of course.

  40. Doug Richardson of the Richardson Richardsons

    Put me down for two free tickets. Thank you. See you there.

  41. Tom Brixton

    Put my name in that sombrero.

  42. Kevin Briggs

    Sign me up sir or madam

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