Duo of Cafes Charm Lemmon Avenue


by Alex Gonzalez

For years, 4218 Lemmon Ave has been deemed cursed, due how quickly restaurants seem to come and go in that outpost. Over the course of the past five years, the storefront saw the closings of Catalina to Lolitas, Tallywackers and most recently, Roux Bistro. For the cursed building’s newest restaurant, guests can enjoy a breakfast and brunch concept during the day and a lovely Italian dinner during the night. In the mornings and early afternoons, the storefront serves as Eggsellent Cafe, and in the evenings, it serves as Cafe Venice.


At Eggsellent, guests can enjoy good, traditional southern favorites, including biscuits and gravy, as well as an assortment of omelets. Eggsellent also offers healthy spins on breakfast favorites, specifically with their Salmon Eggs Benefit.

During dinnertime at Cafe Venice, guests can enjoy hearty pastas, meats and refreshing cocktails.

For a light, spritzy cocktail, try the Neroli Blossom. The Neroli Blossom is a sweet, tangy blend of Aperol, prosecco, blood orange liqueur and orange juice.

To step things up a notch, the Negroni Classico, a mix of Hendrick’s Gin, Campari, sweet vermouth and orange peel, is a bold cocktail, which also merits a try.


For appetizers, one certainly must try the Wine Steamed Mussels. The PEI mussels come served with roma tomatoes and garlic and are served in a delicious white wine sauce. The mussels pull out of their shells with ease and aren’t too difficult to chew.

As one would expect from an Italian restaurant, Cafe Venice serves a variety of pastas. The Penne Arriabiata, is a hot, spicy pasta dish served with flavorful sausage, hot roasted peppers and onion and garlic for flavor. For a healthier choice, one ought to try the Chicken Oreganato, a lemon-soaked grilled chicken breast sat atop a bed of chargrilled vegetables and peppers.

For dessert, the creme brulee is a great pick and pairs well with the Quetzacoatl, a dessert cocktail comprised of Svedka vanilla vodka, Godiva chocolate liquer, Chambord and dark creme de cacao.

Can this new dual concept survive at 4218 Lemmon. Well, both certainly are worth a visit.

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