6 Amazing Ways To Get Chilled in Dallas

ice cream galsby Steven Doyle

Ice Cream has been a perennial favorite of Americans since the beginning of our history and beyond. Thomas Jefferson had an elaborate recipe for his ice cream that took hours and twenty ingredients to create.

In 1874, the American soda fountain shop and the profession of the “soda jerk” emerged with the invention of the ice cream soda. In response to religious criticism for eating “sinfully” rich ice cream sodas on Sundays, ice cream merchants left out the carbonated water and invented the ice cream “Sunday” in the late 1890’s. The name was eventually changed to “sundae” to remove any connection with the Sabbath.

Today, of course, ice cream is widely available just about anywhere humans intersect with a freezer. Until recently Dallas was a bit sketchy on the house-made stuff and we prefered mass-produced confections. Fortunately that has changed. Below we have a list of some perfectly delicious ice creameries in Dallas.

o (2)Henry’s Homemade Ice Cream: When I think of ice cream in the Dallas area I see Henry. He is the happiest man I know for a very good reason, he makes others happy with a terrific product. Henry offers plenty of flavors, plus Sundaes and Banana Splits. Also, if you are enjoying ice cream at a local restaurant chances are you are tasting his product. He services over 700 accounts locally.

26169565_1537247606367587_7315388833061984019_n.jpgSweet Firefly: located in Plano Sweet Firefly is a bit hidden but once found you will have discovered nirvana. Owned by Angie Conard the shop features an array of interesting hand-made flavors of ice cream including their most popular Sea Salt Caramel. Other flavors that will cool you off include Vanilla Bourbon and Coffee Toffee. This is a one-up location with no future locations currently in the plans. You are able to try before you buy, and there are plenty of flavors to plow through to ensure future visits. Puppies eat free!

38674376_10217494664702354_5804354460356444160_n.jpgDude, Sweet Chocolate: Proprietor and chocolatier Katherine Clapner isn’t just all about her uniquely flavored chocolates, although we are addicted to her Crack-In-The-Box. The flagship location on 8th Street in Bishop Arts offers a soft serve treat that changes with the whims of Katherine. We were fortunately enough to sample one with cherry soft serve, berry butterscotch, plum sake chocolate cream, tangerine chocolate bar.

Howdy Homemade: Located in Park Cities Howdy offers homemade treats served by young men and women with special needs. Also, their claim to fame is their DR Pepper chocolate chip ice cream that is simply something to live for

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Chills 360: Chills is the Thai-inspired rolled ice cream. This unique style of ice cream is not pulled from frozen buckets by the scoop, instead its liquid base is poured onto a frozen pan and then chopped, mixed, spread and rolled right in front of you.

Melt Ice Creams: A Fort Worth icon that is soon to be located in Bishop Arts in Dallas. How terrific to have homemade ice cream, which also implements Dude, Sweet Chocolate  into their treats.

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