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Twin Peaks To Open in Mexico City

TWIN PEAKS - Mexico City Franchiseeby Alex Gonzalez

One of Dallas’ most unique sports bar offerings is Twin Peaks, where the beers are cold, the food is filling and the ladies are pretty. Not to mention, the customer service is top-notch. In hopes to replicate the signature components of Twin Peaks across the border, a group of Mexican franchisees plan to bring the restaurant to various parts of Mexico City.

“When we discovered this franchise in America, we saw that it hits all of the important components,” says Marco Torres, Twin Peaks franchisee. “The food is phenomenal, the service is excellent and the women are very friendly and hospitable. The ambiance is incredible, and there’s nothing like this in Mexico. Because of this, we decided that we wanted to bring this brand to Mexico.”

The first of the new restaurants will open in Mexico City. The Mexican restaurants will remain mostly identical to those of America. Upon the openings in Mexico, Twin Peaks will introduce new tacos and new salsa to both the Mexico and American stores. 

“There are a lot of restaurants in Mexico, but nothing that has all of the aspects of Twin Peaks,” Torres says. “When we bring this to Mexico, we’re going to bring all of the concepts, principles and hospitality to it as well.”


Twin Peaks plans to open eight stores in Mexico City overall. The first of the eight stores is slated to open in November.

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