The Most Romantic Meal in Dallas

mercatby Steven Doyle

Don’t get too excited, the most romantic meal in Dallas will not be served on Valentine’s Day, but who says there is only one day of the year for romance. For this dish you will need to make a reservation Monday through Wednesday, not especially the most romantic days of the week. But when you are in love, or simply love a beautiful dish prepared table-side, a day never matters. 


Think of a large wheel of Parmigiana hollowed and in flames to create this delicious and seductive bit of house-made tagliatelle. Yes, that dish you have seen prepared in Italy is available in Dallas and it is just as lovely as you might imagine.

It is appropriate that as I type this I am listening to Sinatra sing “The Way You Look Tonight”.

We have reviewed Mercat, and it is uber romantic, reminding us of a candlelit evening in a land far remote from Dallas. You will be swept away with with the breath-taking evening under the stars (weather permitting) and enjoy one of the many plates offered by the restaurant.


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