Tacodeli Offers a Limited Time Late Winter Menu Item

Roberto Espinosa was born and raised in Mexico City. His exposure to interior Mexico City street tacos, experience working as an apprentice chef in the Yucatan, travel in Central Mexico, and many of Mexico’s coastal regions have all had a profound influence on his approach to food. 

Tacodeli first opened its doors in 1999 at the original location of Barton Skyway and Spyglass in Austin, Texas. Eric Wilkerson joined Tacodeli soon thereafter as a Partner and Owner. Tacodeli now operates 11 locations in Austin, Dallas, Plano and Houston.

The cult-classic, Mexico City-inspired “farm to taco” concept will offer the Carne Asada at all locations in Texas. The popular winter-inspired taco will make a comeback and be available beginning Wednesday, March 3 for the remainder of the month until product lasts. 

Made with grilled Black Angus Beef Coulotte Steak from 44 Farms, the Carne Asada taco is topped with fresh diced cilantro, onion and avocado and served with a lime on the side. Tacodeli’s Coulotte Steak is marinated in paprika, kosher salt, and local olive oil from Texas Olive Ranch. 

Together, Founders Roberto Espinosa and Eric Wilkerson have built a team with a shared passion for community building, quality ingredients and of course, creative and exceptional food. Tacodeli believes in sourcing from others that share the same mission of quality, community, health and wellness.

44 Farms has been owned and operated by the McClaren Family since 1909 and is the largest Black Angus cattle producer in Texas. Animals are humanely raised and follow Tacodeli’s RightWay Program – Tacodeli’s protocols for cattle care, cattle health and responsible land management. 

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