Brunching At Le Bilboquet

DSC08423by Steven Doyle

Dangling below a beautiful Matisse at le Bilboquet, you will find immaculate starched tablecloths, doting waiters and plates of foie gras terrine, apple tarte tatin and this crazy good Cajun chicken dish. A true French masterpiece posing as a restaurant..

Recently we checked out the brunch menu, which was truly spectacular and unpretentious, a word not normally affiliated with the restaurant. The poached eggs on the plated Benedict stood like soldiers, bathed in a bright and silky Hollandaise and set onto a thick plank of delicious smoky ham. This was offered with a side of frites and a light assortment of field greens; a splendid way to hack away at the previous evening’s revelry.  That is why we do brunch in Dallas, correct?



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It is our sworn duty as countrymen to taste any burger that might find its way to a menu, and we did indeed order the burger at Bilboquet which is offered only on the luncheon and brunch menus. Presented itself as a work of art with its char-grilled Wagyu beef patty, beautifully crisped rashers, gruyere cheese, sundried tomatoes, caramelized onions and arugula topped with the most perfect bun imaginable. A true contender when you consider you get this marvelous mound of extra crispy frites.

There is also a brioched lobster roll offered on this brunch menu if you care to be the envy of the table, and possibly the entire room.

The Eggs la Bilboquet are an interesting version of the Benedict that have been Texified with biscuits and duck confit gravy, potato hash (amazing, if you please) served with a pair of Vital Farms sunny up eggs. The choices for brunch are agonizing to say the least.

Often we find that brunch is a perfect way to discover a restaurant, in that soft lingering afternoon refilling flutes of fresh orange juice and sparkling wine. Casual conversations with spotty remembrances of the weekend, and frightful cringes of the coming week.

Relax a bit with le Bilboquet, and consider that Cajun chicken on the next visit. And as wondrous as it all sounds, you will enjoy all this without any hint of pretension.

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