Fort Worth’s Best Burgers

636252201438108226289887905_Burger_Girl3by Steven Doyle

Last week we explored the finest burgers in Dallas and it is only fair we tell you about some of our favorites in Fort Worth. Fort Worth means Stockyards, which means beef and they have plenty of the good stuff just waiting for you.

We hope you find our list thoughtful and invite you to not only try them all as a bucket list, but to tell us about your favorites. We will be sure to check them out for future publication because we do love a good burger.

Thank you Trey Moran for your guidance!

The list is in order as we feel ranked starting with number one.

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Fred’s Texas Cafe: Fred’s has been serving burgers in its original location since 1978 with one thing in mind, to make the people happy. There are plenty of happy people milling around the three locations including a TCU outpost, and they are all digging the burgers. We did too, and think you will enjoy the Diablo made with grilled onions, a spicy chipotle sauce along with the regular accoutrements such as lettuce and tomato. This is a Texas classic. Look for starters that are nothing-but-nice such as the nachos (bountiful) and classic loaded queso.


Swiss Pastry Shop: Swiss is a bakery with a twist of greatness. We often extol the virtues of Swiss Pastry, not only their legendary Black Forest cake and  a mean German Chocolate, but burgers. From the Green Chile Bacon burger to the Swiss Mushroom burger, they are all made with a Texas Akaushi making these burgers a true treat. Look for quirky and fun burgers to pop up as specials. Did we mention they bake their own buns? They do.


Rodeo Goat: A Fort Worth original (now in Dallas) from the gent who brought us beer at Flying Saucer, Meddlesome Moth and also checks in at Flying Fish and Mudhen’s to name a few of Shannon Wynne’s establishments. The burgers and beer are top notch, and we recommend you begin with the Royale with Cheese made with chopped onion, mustard, spicy ketchup and melty cheese. Look for locations soon in Rockwall and Plano.


Charlies Old Fashioned: The Supreme Fries should be enough for a small family to enjoy with its loaded goodness of bacon, jalapeno, chili and a gooey cheese mix, but you are here for a burger. All the burgers will suit your fancy but lets talk about The Hoss made with a pound and a half of beef and all the fixin’s served with both fries and onion rings. a $15.99 monstrosity and also a challenge where if you finish it all you become legendary in Royce City with your name secured on the wall of shame.

o (5).jpg

Tommy’s Hamburgers: Three locations means three times the tasty burgers, or just try the huge B-52 which is a full pound of delicious beef. Otherwise all burgers are a half pound. As with most burgers in Tarrant County you will find a green chile burger (yes, please), but we really are loving all over the Bacon Brie Burger. Thank you for that, Tommy!

love burger.jpg

Love Shack: There are a few celebrity chefs in Fort Worth and none have splashed the scene like Tim Love. The man is everywhere with his White Elephant Saloon, Woodshed Smokehouse, Lonesome Dove and of course Love Shack. Look for a location in the Stockyards, DFW Airport and in Knoxville, TN. You need to ry the Dirty Love Burger made with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, Love Sauce (oh, my) and topped with a quail egg.


Dutch’s: Dutch has a one stop shop for everything including beer, bar food, ice cream and burgers. Why not. We are ordering the Texana with an avocado spread and ranch dressing dressing with an ethereal fatty burger patty. The portobello burger is pretty amazing, too.

o (6).jpg

M&O Station: The M and the O in M&O stands for Marvin and Obie Leonard, owners of the historic Leonard Brothers’ Department Store that once took up six blocks of downtown Fort Worth. These moundacious burgers are not for the faint of heart. The old fashioned-esque soda fountain feel is deceiving, there are no thin, wispy burgers sold here. Try the King George with twice the meat and tice the flavor. Get a milkshake and thank us in the morning.

Other great burgers: Clown Burger, Kincade’s, Pearl Snap Kolaches, Shaw’s, Grumps and Hooker’s Grill.

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