Truluck’s Serves The King Of The Sea In September

For the month of September, Truluck’s will offer patrons a unique opportunity to enjoy Ora King TYEE Salmon. This King Salmon’s flavor is full, rich and pronounced with a buttery, almost silky texture and large, soft flakes. Truluck’s will serve a 10 oz. portion served pan-seared, brushed with lemon garlic butter and finished with Maldon sea salt for $­­99. Truluck’s is the only place in the country to find Ora King TYEE Salmon – so it’s a real treat for foodies always on the hunt for that next interesting dish.

Ora King TYEE Salmon facts:

  1. King Salmon represents less than 0.5% of the world’s Salmon population
  2. TYEE are extraordinarily large salmon that continue to grow beyond the normal life-cycle of other salmon. This phenomenon occurs naturally in the wild, and in our aquaculture environment in New Zealand
  3. Tyee Salmon are only harvested every 3 months  

“Ōra King is a big deal now, as they should be. Aside from the fact that King salmon is ridiculously awesome and represents only a small fraction of salmon available, they are huge compared to other salmon. These fish are chock full of Omega-3s and marbling. Think of King salmon the way that you think about prime beef. Now think of Ōra King as prime beef compared to A5 Wagyu. It really is the best salmon that money can buy.” said Brian Wubbena, Truluck’s Director of Culinary.

Uptown: 2401 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75201, 214-220-2401
Southlake: 1420 Plaza Place, Southlake, TX 76092, 817-912-0500

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