Eat Me: The Banh Xeu at Vietnam


by Steven Doyle

Bánh Xèo is a Vietnamese dish that is a savory fried style of pancake made from rice flour, water, turmeric powder, then stuffed with slivers of  shrimp, pork, chicken and diced green onions and bean sprouts. They are typically served with a stack of lettuce and other greens which can be used to wrap slices of the crepe then dipped into a sweet and sour diluted fish sauce.  

One of our favorite East Dallas restaurants continue to be Vietnam, which is located on the corner of Peak and Bryan streets. Here you can find heart bowls of pho, stir fries, several nice hot pots, and of course our item of the day, Banh Xeu.

This tasty item is made from the rich batter infused with coconut milk  with optional meats and tofu, or can be ordered with everything tucked inside the crepe. It can be eaten straight o as a crepe, or as we mentioned not too unlike the popular lettuce wraps with slices encased inside the provided shards of lettuce.


The dipping sauce will taste familiar and sweet, but there are bottles of other sauces available at each table including sriracha.

Vietnam has a daily lunch buffet for those unfamiliar with the cuisine, which gives a great introduction to this specialized style of cookery.

Vietnam Restaurant | 4302 Bryan St, Dallas | 214.821.4542


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