Oddfellows has just debuted a new aperitivo cocktail menu with six new Spritzer cocktails created to get you through the Texas summer.  Each of these refreshing beverages are $11 each and can be enjoyed inside the restaurant, as a part of your al fresco dining experience on the patio, or at one of the outside-window seats by the coffee bar. By continuing to serve top notch beverages and inspired, farm fresh food, Oddfellows continues to fulfill their vision to be a hub for community activity and a vibrant cornerstone of the streetcar-stop-turned-district as they move into their thirteenth year of service.

A spritz is a sparkling wine-based cocktail made with prosecco or a dry white wine, a bitter liqueur (amaro), soda water, and citrus. While many think of the spritz as a summer drink, they can be enjoyed all year round and are best during California’s citrus season when the fruit component is at peak of season taste. Light,  lower in ABV than a cocktail, and easy to drink, they are a refreshing way to prepare your palate for the meal ahead.

The spritz has its origins in Veneto, Italy, where prosecco comes from. The story goes that the spritz originated during the 1800s when Austrians visiting Italy would dilute Italian wines with a “spritz” (German for “splash”) of soda water to make them lighter and more to their taste. Over time, the drink evolved, and sparkling soda changed to prosecco. Fortified wines were added, and eventually, liqueurs such as Aperol.


  • Aperol Spritz made with aperol, soda, & sparkling wine
  • Limoncello Spritz made with limoncello, dry vermouth, ginger beer, & sparkling wine
  • Pamplemousse Spritz made with grapefruit-aromatized aperitif, tonic, & rose prosecco
  • Kir Bourgeois Spritz made with cassis liqueur, bitters, lambrusco, & fresh-squeezed orange juice
  • Passionfruit Spritz made with passionfruit cordial, manzanilla, & sparkling wine
  • Hugo Spritz made with elderflower liqueur, tonic, sparkling wine, & bitters

316 W 7th Street, Dallas

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