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Holiday Vignettes: Marie Tedei

by Steven Doyle

Marie Tedei is a farmer and owner of Eden’s Organic Garden Center and CSA Farm. She works directly with families looking for fresh organic produce, and more recently eggs from her litter of hens.  Extra vegetables raised on her farm find their way to local restaurants in the Dallas area.

Marie celebrates her lifestyle by hosting numerous events on her farm throughout the year  including her annual Barn Aid that started with high winds of a tornado that blew through her property damaging her own out-buildings. Continue reading

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Old Fashioned “Barn” Raising

     photos by Susan Pollard

The weather couldn’t have been ordered up more perfectly than it was delivered for the “Barn” Raising event at Eden’s Organic Garden Center & CSA Farm in Balch Springs yesterday. Everyone, it seems, loves fresh, natural, “yard-eggs”. Marie was selling her eggs through her CSA and on-farm market, when the supply was sufficient. Availability can be a real problem, however, when predators moved in to her urban farm where her chickens enjoy total and absolute “free-range”. “The recent drought has moved predators in much closer than ever before in the 10 years there have been chickens here.” Says, Marie Tedei, owner of Eden’s.   Continue reading

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