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Quest for Ultimate Burger: Company Cafe

By Rob Banes

This week’s burger quest took us to Lower Greenville to visit Company Cafe. The menu at Company Cafe features natural fresh items that strive to be organic and healthy. Items on the menu include burgers, ground beef and vegetarian tacos, a gluten-free chicken fried steak, salads and steak frites featuring grass-fed beef.

When we entered the restaurant, we were told to sit at any open table and after sitting, our server took our drink and lunch orders. I ordered the Belmont Burger cooked medium with raw cheddar cheese and bacon which cost $12. A few minutes later the following burger was placed in front of me:  Continue reading


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Quest For The Ultimate Burger: Marquee Grill

by Rob Banes

Last Friday’s burger quest took me to Marquee Grill, Tre Wilcox’s restaurant that recently opened in Highland Park Village. Marquee Grill is open for lunch and dinner and features two different menus depending on the time of day. At lunch, the menu features items that are quicker to prepare and eat such as salads and sandwiches so that diners can return to work while at dinner, the menu features more complex entrees.

As our group entered the restaurant, we were greeted by a friendly hostess who brought us to our table which was located near the open kitchen. Marquee Grill is a two story very open restaurant with the kitchen on the first floor and an expansive bar on the second floor. 

After we were seated, our server asked for our drink orders and then he explained the features of the day. He returned with our drinks and I ordered the Marquee Grill Burger which features caramelized Cipollini onion, Neuske’s bacon, smoked cheddar cheese and fries for $15. After a short wait, the following burger was placed before me.   Continue reading

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Quest for Burgers: The Commissary

by Rob Banes

This week’s burger quest took our group to One Arts Plaza to visit The Commissary – John Tesar’s new restaurant. At lunch, the Commissary’s menu features small plates, salad and a variety of burgers including ones made with short ribs, braised pig tails and pork belly, duck eggs and lamb among other ingredients.

While the other burgers sounded intriguing on the menu, I decided to go with the Magic Burger which featured an eight ounce grass fed beef patty and apple wood smoked bacon. I ordered the burger medium and served on a brioche bun instead of the standard English muffin. All burgers come with skinny fries and the half pound Magic Burger cost $9.74. After placing my order with the friendly server, the following burger arrived fifteen minutes later:    Continue reading

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