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Pizza Hut Is Now Making A Nacho Cheese Dorito Crust (SMH)

pizza hutby Steven Doyle

Those crazy Australians are off their rockers with a new Pizza Hut pizza that is encrusted with the nacho cheese chips.  The Doritos Crunchy Crust pizza has a mozzarella cheese-stuffed crust layered with nacho cheese Doritos chips and cheddar cheese. This follows suit with the huge make over at Pizza Hut which now offers some unusual samplings of their pies, including their Pretzel Piggy, Cock-A-Doodle Bacon, and a Sweet Sriracha Dynamite that defies most sensibilities.   Continue reading

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Hardy’s Introduces A New Wine


by Andrew Chalk

The Australian winery of Thomas Hardy was founded by an English emigre in 1853. It grew from a winery selling to a few neighbors in the state of South Australia, to one of the largest wine companies in Australia embracing over 13 brands and selling in over 85 countries.

Recently, Hardy’s chief winemaker, Paul Lapsley, came through town to introduce two additions to the lineup: William Hardy Chardonnay and William Hardy Shiraz. At approximately $17 retail both are targeted as popularly priced everyday wines for immediate drinking.    Continue reading

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Beer of the Week: Fucking Hell From Fucking

image003by Andrew Chalk

This is for real. If anybody asks you “How do I get to Fucking?” just show them this map:

I hear that it is a very stimulating part of Austria.

But what about the “Hell”? — that just means ‘light’.


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