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Copper River Watershed Project Dinner Report

DSC08942by Steven Doyle

Last Sunday we checked out the special Copper River Fall Coho dinner at TJ’s Seafood Market on Oak Lawn. The dinner had several aspects to it that made is superbly desirable. First, there was plenty Alaskan salmon courses offered, five in total, all specially prepare by TJ’s chef, Scott Hoffner. We also enjoyed hearing about the conservation efforts in Alaska that benefits the Copper River Watershed Project, and thew river that runs directly through the entirety of Alaska. The Project supports the salmon based cultures, communities and economies in the region.

We were especially excited to meet the Copper River Watershed Project’s Executive Director Kristin Carpenter who spoke about the various aspects of her work. Her husband is a fisherman and she explained how the economy is affected by the catch, and the importance of the Project to keep the fish healthy and free of human contaminants.   Continue reading

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Second Seating At TJ’s Benefit For Copper River Watershed Project

copper riverby Steven Doyle

TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market planned a special dinner supporting The Copper River Watershed Project at the market’s location at 4212 Oak Lawn in Dallas, Sunday November 10. The original dinner sold out rather quickly, but a second seating was just announced today.

Why: Alaskan wild salmon, and the Copper River in particular, is the model of seafood sustainability. It doesn’t happen by accident. The salmon “season” is short, but the Copper River Watershed Project works 12 months a year supporting salmon-based cultures, communities and economies in the Copper River Watershed.    Continue reading

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