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The Heisenberg Recipe Revealed

breaking badby Steven Doyle

You have watched Breaking Bad and now you want the Heisenberg. It is the good stuff, and it is blue.

Breaking Bad has been nominated for nearly everything a television series could possibly want including best in a Drama Series, Directing in a Drama Series, Writing for a Drama Series, Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Now we have the recipe for your own blue crystals that you can make at home and enjoy while watching the latest season.   Continue reading

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Order The Heisenberg Blue Glass Rock Online

by Steven Doyle

Been watching Breaking Bad and jonesing for a large bag of those blue crystals for your own? We found them online and very much on the cheap. For $7 you can grab a bag of high octane meth-looking crystals. Order 2 ounces of the Heisenberg by checking out this website.      Continue reading

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