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The Windmill Begins Their Specially Paired Spaghetti Western Series Monday, April 28

clint-eastwood-high-plains-drifterby Steven Doyle

A lone stranger on horseback rides into the mining town of Lago as three gun-toting men follow him into the saloon, taunting him. Still harassing they follow the stranger into the barbershop and threaten him. The stranger shoots and kills all three of them. Impressed with this performance, a dwarf named Mordecai, who works in the barbershop, befriends the man.

An attractive woman named Callie Travers bumps into the stranger in the street on purpose and insults and badgers him. When she slaps his cigar from his mouth, he drags her into the livery stable and rapes her.

This is the beginning scene of Clint Eastwood’s High Plains Drifter, a Western he filmed during the height of his Spaghetti Western period in the 1960’s.   Continue reading

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