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Lakewood Brewing’s NEW Big-D Double IPA

Today, Lakewood Brewing announced the release of Big-D Double IPA, the permanent iteration of their popular Big D IPA rotating series that served as a testing ground for their new year-round offering.

“Last year’s Big D series was a lot of fun for us and a way to experiment with what makes great IPA’s,” said Wim Bens, President and Founder of Lakewood Brewing. “The IPA landscape is always changing, but we think that balance is key to making an IPA that people want to keep coming back to. So we created a wonderful balance of strength, hoppiness, flavor and aroma.”

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Coming To A Pub Near You: Thrilla In Brazilla

peticolasby Steven Doyle

While Michael Peticolas was springing around his brewery a few weeks back after surviving knee surgery, he promised us information on a new seasonal beer he had been planning. Today Peticolas announced that he has been busy brewing a new IPA called Thrilla in Brazilla in honor of the World Cup which will be played in Brazil.   Continue reading

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Enjoy Stone IPA

stoneby Brian Wall

As you may have guessed, I enjoy a good IPA. The hop flavor bursts in a strong, bitter flavor and just completely assaults the taste buds in a way that ensures you are not only alive but enjoying something that demonstrates a history of beer making. Hops were used for flavoring but more importantly, they were used for their natural preservative qualities. The fact that they give a strong piney scent to beer is just an added plus to the enjoyment.

When home brewing, I look forward to opening of the hop package because it allows me the ability to breathe in deeply of all that scent. It cascades through the nose and imparts memories of pine forests after a strong rainfall. While this may not be the same experience that you have for hops, there is no denying that the scent is something to be experienced. Flavor and scent do vary depending on the hop variety and this fact is taken fully advantage of by beer makers around the world.    Continue reading

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