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We Checked Out Origin’s New Cocktail Menu And What Happened Next Will Blow Your Mind

origin1by Steven Doyle

By now I trust you all have checked in at Origin Kitchen + Bar. The new hot spot opened back in December, and features some pretty amazing menu choices both in food and cocktails. The restaurant is quaint, which is always nice. The restaurant serves great food, and that is definitely is a good thing. And the restaurant has fantastic cocktails, which is fabulous. We were alerted by a dedicated Origin regular that the new cocktail menu was released yesterday, so I hightailed it over to McKinney Avenue for a taste test.

The unique craft cocktail menu, developed by Bar Manager Jacob Boger, features house-made infusions, syrups, juices, vermouth and salt. Yes, he infuses salt. I had heard of flavored salts where herbs and other flavors are mixed into a batch of salt, but never where a sturdy salt is actually bathed in another liquefied flavor to pass on subtle notes that allow the salt to break down in your mouth with levels of sweetness to shades of saltiness. Pure genius.

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