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Junction Craft Kitchen Opens Thursday, May 4 in Deep Ellum


Junction Craft Kitchen will open Thursday, May 4 in the space formerly known as Kitchen LTO (Deep Ellum), at 2901 Elm Street. Casie Caldwell and Chef Josh Harmon have partnered to open the new restaurant serving dinner and weekend brunch.

The 7th iteration of Kitchen LTO connected Caldwell’s seasoned front-of-house team with a rising star chef and his loyal kitchen crew. The collaboration worked so well, Junction Craft Kitchen was formed to keep everyone together permanently. Caldwell says, “ I knew in the first week of opening Deep Ellum that I wanted to find a way to help Josh have a permanent restaurant space when he left LTO. After months of discussion, we decided to keep this great location and bid farewell to LTO. Junction Craft Kitchen was then born.”   Continue reading

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