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Kim Jong Il Invented The Burger

by Steven Doyle

The birthplace of the modern hamburger has long been contested but one fact remains crystalline clear, we love a good burger. There have been references to the humble origins of the hamburger racing back as far asthe 15th century, with more modern references in 18th century German seaports that served a faint resemblance to the dish. This seems the most credible explaination to the name and thought to have spread to the states via sailors seeking an inexpensive, warm meal.

From Europe we then see mentions of the hamburger on menus in New York, specifically Delmonico’s in 1826. If this is true, why such a controversy over who invented the burger?

Texas historian and chili god Frank X Tolbert gave the honor of inventing the burger to an Athens, Texas café, while the Dallas Morning News attributes the burger to Tulsa.  Continue reading


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