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Hunt For CFS: Lucky’s Cafe

home-img1.pngby Steven Doyle

Shuffling in and finding one of the few remaining seats at the bar, a popular spot for the regulars, you grab a menu and peruse knowing that you will order the chicken fried steak. But you scan the menu with the thought you may discover a new Texas favorite, but alas you do not. Nothing new has been invented in the past hundred years that might exceed the perfection of a slab of tasty beef pounded thick and hand breaded and deep fried. The craggy crisp layers are an exciting place for unctuous creamed gravy to lay rest in anticipation of your first bite. Continue reading

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Lucky’s Testing Farm-to-Table Driven Menu


A Dallas institution for nearly three decades, Lucky’s has been a go-to spot for both classic diner fare and breakfast favorites. Now, the restaurant is testing a substantial change in its menu, by incorporating local and regional farm offerings.

The menu update has been a collaboration project between newly appointed Lucky’s chef Adrianna London and Chef Billy Caruso, the Executive Chef at III Forks in Chicago. London comes to Lucky’s with a long history with Consolidated Restaurant Operations, Inc., the parent company for Lucky’s. She started with the company in 1989 at El Chico, and later traveled internationally to train cooks for the company in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo and across the US. The collaboration with Caruso is particularly fitting, as the CIA alum had been tapped by the noted 24Diner in Austin to formulate its farm to table menu.   Continue reading


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