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The History of Tamales and Where to Find Them in Dallas


Tamales can be traced back to as early as 7000 B.C. in Pre-Columbian history, when the Aztec women were taken along in battle as cooks for the army.  They made the masa for the tortillas, stews, drinks, etc. But as the warring tribes of the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca cultures grew, there was a need to have a more portable yet sustainable food and the tamales could be made ahead of time, packed and warmed as needed. This requirement demanded the creativity of the women and the tamale was born. Continue reading

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Luna’s Celebrates 95th Year

image3 (6)by Steven Doyle

In a time when women were kept at home and away from the workplace Maria Luna, who at the time was a single parent, rose from the kitchen to create her mark on Dallas history with Luna’s Tortilla Factory. A strong and devoted woman Luna gathered local women to crush her nixtamal , or corn that would become masa. Once gathered Luna had the masa formed into tortillas and tamales which became a business that is soon to be 95 years old and run by her son and grandson, both named Fernando.

To celebrate this auspicious occasion the Luna family will roll back prices on their now famous beef enchilada plate to 2.95 Wednesday, February 27th, with mariachis at 6:30.

Luna’s is  located at 2225 Connector in Dallas near Gas Monkey.

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